International Journal of Electronics and Electical Engineering


Partial Runtime Reconfigurable (PRTR) FPGAs allow HW tasks to be placed and removed dynamically at runtime. We make two contributions in this paper. First, we present an efficient algorithm for finding the complete set of Maximal Empty Rectangles on a 2D PRTR FPGA, which is useful for online placement and scheduling of HW tasks. The algorithm is incremental and only updates the local region affected by each task addition or removal event. Second, we present an efficient online deadline-constrained task placement algorithm for minimizing area fragmentation on the FPGA by using an area fragmentation metric that takes into account probability distribution of sizes of future task arrivals as well as the time axis. The techniques presented in this paper are useful in an operating system for runtime reconfigurable FPGAs to manage the HW resources on the FPGA when HW tasks that arrive and finish dynamically at runtime. Online placement methods are required that achieve a high placement quality and lead to efficient implementation.





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