International Journal of Electronics and Electical Engineering


This paper describes an efficient implementation for a multi-level convolution based 1-D DWT hardware architecture for use in FPGAs. The proposed architecture combines some hardware optimization techniques to develop a novel DWT architecture that has high performance and is suitable for portable and high speed devices. The first step towards the hardware implementation of the DWT algorithm was to choose the type of FIR filter block. Firstly we design the high speed linear phase FIR filter using pipelined and parallel arithmetic methods. This proposed filter employs efficiently distributed D-latches and multipliers. Furthermore this filter is used in the proposed DWT architecture. Thus, the new VLSI architecture based on combining of fast FIR filters for reducing the critical path delay and data interleaving technique for lower chip area. We synthesized the final design using Xilinx 9.1i ISE tool. We illustrate that a DWT design using a pipelined linear phase FIR filter coupled with data-interleaving gives the best combination of the performance metrics when compared to other DWT structures.





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