International Journal of Electronics and Electical Engineering


The natural resources which can be renewed are Renewable energy resources. Due to the increased load demand in recent years demand for renewable energy resources have been increasing and attracting us. If this can be met using the renewable energy resources then it can be harmless to the environment. We opt Wind energy because of its enormous advantages, wind energy has emerged as the most reliable source of electric power, and is economically viable with the conventional sources. Wind energy is one of the most available forms of renewable energy. Loads can be classified based on their distance from the main grid. These can be remote villages, islands, ships, forests, deserts etc. For such loads there should be precise electrification system called as standalone generator system which provides constant nominal voltage and frequency. The Wind Energy Conversion system unit features a wind-turbine-driven Synchronous Generator, a diode bridge rectifier, a boost dc/dc converter, a battery bank, and a PWM dc/ac inverter. In this paper, distribution Generation is based on WECS using Synchronous Generator anticipated with a battery and Rectifier. The topology for the same has been demonstrated using MATLAB Simulink based simulations.





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