International Journal of Electronics and Electical Engineering


Balancing load of distribution feeders is significant for falling of power loss and mitigating power flow. As the loop power controller is implanting for the active power and reactive power flows by change in voltage ratio and phase shift. So that the balancing of the load distribution feeders can be achieved. However it can include photovoltaic power producing in feeder balancing load, as a Taipower distribution feeder consisting of two feeders with large amount of photovoltaic equipment considered. The balancing load can be determine in distribution feeders with photovoltaic set up by using the loop power controllers as the changing of solar energy and power loading of feeders. With implanting the control algorithm in MATLAB for loop power controller by changing the voltage ratio and phase shift connecting to the feeder the proper amount of active power and reactive power can be change from the heavily loading feeder to the lightly loading feeder. When system power loss decreases, Photovoltaic balancing the load for loop power controller has been investigated.





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