International Journal of Electronics and Electical Engineering


The Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controller (IT2FLC) for a Quadruple Tank Process (QTP) is demonstrated in this paper. Here the Interval Type-2 based Fuzzy membership function is used. The QTP is made to operate in minimum phase mode. The vertices of fuzzy membership functions are tuned with IT2FLC to minimize Integral Absolute Error. Performance of IT2FLC and Type-1 Fuzzy Logic Controller (T1FLC) are compared with decentralized PI controller, by simulation using MATLAB/Simulink. Simulation results show that satisfactory performance for both servo and regulatory responses.It has been observed that dynamic performance of IT2FLC is better than the other two controllers. Moreover, compared with the T1FLC controller, IT2FLC performs better, particularly in noisy environments.





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