International Journal of Electronics and Electical Engineering


Performance of insulation system of power transformer is essential to ensure better performance of power network. Most of the power and distribution transformers in service are aged and, have experienced several thermal and electrical stresses due to varying loading conditions, in addition to ageing. The rate of degradation and hence, the useful life of the insulation system mainly depends on the variation of operational stresses. Due to the progress in insulation degradation, the dielectric strength of the insulating oil and paper over transformer winding may reach to a point such that it could not withstand any small abnormal currents and voltages. In order to maintain the quality of system operation it is necessary to keep the transformer in good condition. This needs appropriate maintenance based on reliable diagnostics. In this paper experimental results on the application of frequency response analysis (FRA) for the diagnosis of power transformers. Frequency Response of Transformer, also serves for assessing the deformation process.





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