International Journal of Electronics and Electical Engineering


Image compression plays a very important role in image processing especially when we have to send the image on the internet. Since imaging techniques produce prohibitive amounts of data, compression is necessary for storage and communication purposes. Many current compression schemes provide a very high compression rates but with considerable loss of quality. On the other hand, in some areas in medicine, it may be sufficient to maintain high image quality only in the region of interest, i.e., in diagnostically important regions called region of interest. In the proposed work images are compressed using Data folding technique which uses the property of adjacent neighbour redundancy for prediction. In this method first column folding is applied followed by the row folding iteratively till the image size reduces to predefined value, then arithmetic encoding is applied which results the compressed image at the end before transmitting the data. In this paper lossless compression is achieved only at the region of interest and it is mainly suitable for medical images.





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