International Journal of Electronics and Electical Engineering


Recently, advances have been made in improving both energy and power density of energy storing devices. Electrochemical Double Layer capacitor (EDLC) is one of the technologies that we are looking forward to fulfill the low power- low energy applications such as memory back up. ELDC is mainly a pulse power device even though it is seen as a replacement to battery in low power applications. At present EDLC technology is under development stage. Power density, energy density, specific capacitance, internal resistances are required to be improved. Electrochemistry plays a crucial role in the storage as well as in the generation of energy. Hence, the particles size and distribution are need to be optimized. Ball milling is the tool for optimizing the size of the components used to make the EDLCs. Ball milling has significant effect on the various parameters of the EDLC. It was found that as we increase the time of ball milling the Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) decreases and the peak current increases. But he changes are significant for higher time of ball milling.



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