International Journal of Electronics and Electical Engineering


Due to advancement in the field of technology in recent years, wireless data transmission techniques are commonly used in electronic devices. For powering them we rely upon power supply through wires charging, else power may be supplied from batteries. But while travelling for longer distances continuously we may not be able to obtain power supply for these devices to operate or to recharge their batteries. So in order to operate them continuously we need a power source that provides continuous energy to operate these devices. The mechanical vibrations which are produced by the automobiles can be utilized as a source of energy for generating electrical energy that can be utilized by these electronic equipment to operate. These vibrations are produced by different vehicles around us which is going as a waste. This technique utilizes piezoelectric components where deformations produced by vibrations are directly converted to electrical charge via piezoelectric effect and principle of electromagnetic induction between coil and magnetic field which produces Electromotive force in the coil provided displacement to magnet by the vibrations. The piezoelectric materials and permanent magnets are used as energy conversion devices for converting mechanical vibrations to electrical energy. In this context, we introduced two methods and considered its output performance provided input vibrations, by using piezoelectric materials such as PZT for electro mechanical conversion using Mass-spring system as medium of conversion of force from vibrations applied on PZT materials and by using spring-magnet system where relative displacement of magnet with respect to coil, provided input vibrations generates Electromotive force in coil.



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