International Journal of Electronics and Electical Engineering


The rapid growth of wireless communications has made the problem of spectrum utilization ever more critical. The increasing diversity (voice, short message, Web & multimedia) and demand of high quality-of-service (QoS) applications have resulted in overcrowding of the allocated (officially sanctioned) spectrum bands, leading to significantly reduced levels of user satisfaction. The concepts of GLRT algorithm and substantial improvement over the U-GLRT algorithm are explained. This paper presents a model which uses efficient CP method for CR in Wireless Systems. Primary signal has been detected in the OFDM transmission with both the CPCC and MP–based C-GLRT algorithms greatly outperform energy detection in multi path environment has been implemented using software design. The signal model in our analysis is to efficiently exploit the correlation among the transmitted signals due to the presence of CP. Proposed method of cognitive radio takes two steps of implementation .first named as MP based is to detect the noise and de-noise the signal and the second is cp based in which the signals are identified based on the cyclic prefix.



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