International Journal of Electronics and Electical Engineering


This paper deals with study of Three phase Five Level and Seven Level inverter fed induction motor drive . Both five level and seven level are realized by cascading two H- bridges. The poor quality of voltage and current of a conventional inverter fed induction machine is due to the presence of harmonics and hence there is significant level of energy losses. The Multilevel inverter is used to reduce the harmonics. The inverters with a large number of steps can generate high quality voltage waveforms. The higher levels can follow a voltage reference with accuracy and with the advantage that the generated voltage can be modulated in amplitude instead of pulse-width modulation. An active harmonic elimination method is applied to eliminate any number of specific higher order harmonics of multilevel converters with unequal dc voltages. The simulation of three phase five and seven level inverter fed induction motor model is done using Matlab/Simulink. The FFT spectrums for the outputs are analyzed to study the reduction in the harmonics.





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