International Journal of Electronics and Electical Engineering


Pulse width modulation has been one of the most intensively investigated areas of power electronics for many years now, and the number of combinations seems to be endless. However, according to a hierarchal consensus, Space Vector Modulation techniques are ranked higher in order of merit, based on harmonic performance. In this paper, Space Vector PWM Switching scheme is employed for a dual two level inverter feeding an Induction motor from both ends (open end winding). The decoupled SVPWM is employed for the dual-inverter scheme in order to realize the reference voltage vector. The Gating pulses are correspondingly generated for the dual inverters in order to realize the reference voltage, and the respective voltages are fed to 1kW open end windings of an induction motor drive. The harmonic content of the three phase currents in the motor are analyzed with an appropriate variation in its modulation index. Thus the performance in terms of harmonic analysis is carried out using Matlab/SIMULINK for an open end winding induction motor drive.





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