International Journal of Electronics and Electical Engineering


This paper analyses the movement of free conducting particles inside a single phase Gas Insulated Bus duct(GIB).A two dimensional mathematical model was proposed for determining the movement pattern of metallic particle in GIB by considering all the forces acting on the particle like gravitational, drag and the electric field forces. These particles may be free to move in the electric field or may be fixed on the conductors, thus enhancing local surface fields. Electric fields at the instantaneous contaminated particle locations were computed using Charge Simulation Method (CSM).To determine the particle trajectory in a single phase Gas Insulated Bus duct (GIB), an enclosure diameter 152 mm and conductor diameter 55 mm is considered. The simulation of the particle movement was carried under different AC voltage levels like 100KV, 132KV, 145KV and 175KV class enclosure of GIB for aluminum, copper and silver particles. The results of the simulation have been presented and analyzed in this paper.





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