International Journal of Electronics and Electical Engineering


Along with globally approaching of the 3G era, the progress of mobile communication technology and the development of mobile terminal devices will rapidly promote the mobilization development of traditional Ecommerce. In order to ensure it to achieve further development, secure, flexible and reliable mobile payment system is becoming more and more important. Compared with the payment pattern of ordinary commerce, there will be profound changes in the mobile payment, such as special payment channel, payment carrier and etc. After deep studying about previous payment methods and future 3G communication technology, this paper introduces a new mobile payment model by combining with IC chip, mobile phone and mobile internet, and then gives some improvement measures for current settlement mechanisms in the network transaction, which is entirely around payment channel, payment carrier, security authentication and other key issues in 3G environment. The real time processing of information flow, capital flow and logistics in mobile environment can be easily achieved, forming a complete and reliable business operation for mobile users, which can bring some great conveniences and profound influences for mobile payment industry.





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