International Journal of Electronics and Electical Engineering


In p2p systems, file replication and replica consistency maintenance are most widely used techniques for better system performance. Most of the file replication methods replicates file in all nodes or at two ends in a clientserver query path or close to the server, leading to low replica utilization, produces unnecessary replicas and hence extra consistency maintenance overhead. Most of the consistency maintenance methods depends on either message spreading or structure based for update message propagation without considering file replication dynamism, leading to inefficient file update and outdated file response. These paper presents an Efficient and Adaptive file Replication and consistency Maintenance (EARM) that combines file replication and consistency maintenance mechanism that achieves higher query efficiency in file replication and consistency maintenance at a low cost. Instead of accepting passively file replicas and updates, each node determines file replication and update polling by adapting to time-varying file query and update rates. Simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of EARM in comparison with other approaches.





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