International Journal of Electronics and Electical Engineering


Highly efficient arithmetic operations are necessary to achieve the desired performance in many real-time systems and digital image processing applications. In all these applications, one of the important arithmetic operations frequently performed is to multiply and accumulate with small computational time. In this paper, a 4-bit serial - parallel multiplier, which can perform both positive and negative multiplications, is presented. Baugh-Wooley algorithm necessitates complementation of last bit of each partial product except the last partial product in which all but the last bit are complemented. In the proposed algorithm all bits of the last partial product are complemented. This modification results in considerable reduction in hardware compared to Baugh-Wooley multiplier. This multiplier can be used for implementation of discrete orthogonal transforms, which are used in many applications, including image and signal processing. This paper presents a 2D bit-level systolic architecture for a matrixmatrix multiplier. A comparison with similar structures has shown that the proposed structure performs better.





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