International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics


Throughout the age of 5G technology, the majority of contactless banking is made via software that is enabled by a wide range of financial platforms. Several alternative financing channels provide access to a variety of services. The opportunity for hackers to engage in nefarious behaviour such as payment account hacking, identity theft, and payment system assaults stages of clearances with e-tourism, monetary information is kept in a database. Payment issues can be caused by a centralised cloud server. Throughout the periods of heavy congestion, the abovementioned problems are solvable by utilising a decentralised system like blockchain, it allows for the maintenance of trustworthiness between distinct groups of financial institutions, tour companies, airways, and trains are examples of consumers. Cruise ships, accommodations, cafes, as well as regional cabs are all available. Inspired mostly by following the foregoing debate, we suggest the blockchain Enables Secure Smart Hospitality and Tourism Management (BESHosTM) model.





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