International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics


Web Services and Service Oriented Computing (SOC) paradigm have received significant attention due to its wide spread adoption and promotion by major IT vendors. As more and more Service-Oriented Softwares are built to-day testing of web service have becomes crucial point. Web services are distributed, loosly coupled, autonomous, reusuable, discoverable, hides internal logic (Abstraction),minimize retaining information (Statelessness) and adhere to Service Level Aggrement (SLA).These inherent characterestics imposes great challenges to the tester.In this paper we try to impose hierarchical structure on Web Service Description Language(WSDL) in order to uncover more and more errors before its final deployment through blackbox testing.Our approach differes from others by imposing hierarchical structure on WSDL, finding various dependencies like data dependency, control dependency, and generation of Web Service Dependence Graph(WSDG) which are essential for testing.





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