International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics


Wireless sensor network (WSN) is an emerging technology consisting of spatially distributed sensor nodes, which can cooperatively monitor physical or environmental conditions. The major resource constrain of WSN are, low processing, energy and storage capabilities. Broadcast is widely used communication method in WSN environment. In most of the sensor networks, the sink node sends broadcast information to all other sensor nodes. Broadcast authentication is an important security mechanism in WSN, as it allows mobile users to broadcast messages to multiple sensor nodes in a secured way. While variety of multiuser broadcast authentication approaches are being developed, a lot of research is going on in the security field at rapid pace. However this field lacks a common integrated platform to provide a comprehensive comparison of seemingly unconnected but linked issues .In this article a pilot survey is performed to classify the, already proposed multiuser broadcast authentication approaches. This comparative survey is based on the objective, design principles and the performance of multiuser broadcast authentication approaches.





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