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This Natural Langauge processing is carried particularly on English-Kannada/Telugu. Kannada is a language of India. The Kannada language has a classification of Dravidian, Southern, Tamil-Kannada, and Kannada. Regions Spoken: Kannada is also spoken in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra. Population: The total population of people who speak Kannada is 35,346,000, as of 1997. Alternate Name: Other names for Kannada are Kanarese, Canarese, Banglori, and Madrassi. Dialects: Some dialects of Kannada are Bijapur, Jeinu Kuruba, and Aine Kuruba. There are about 20 dialects and Badaga may be one. Kannada is the state language of Karnataka. About 9,000,000 people speak Kannada as a second language. The literacy rate for people who speak Kannada as a first language is about 60%, which is the same for those who speak Kannada as a second language (in India). Kannada was used in the Bible from 1831-2000. Statistical machine translation (SMT) is a machine translation paradigm where translations are generated on the basis of statistical models whose parameters are derived from the analysis of bilingual text corpora. The statistical approach contrasts with the rule-based approaches to machine translation as well as with example-based machine translation.





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