International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics


High quality software can be obtained by means of resolving the complexity of the software. According to Pareto principle, 20% of components lead to 80% of the problems [1]. So, we need to identify those 20% of the components during testing. Therefore, this research work suggested an automated software testing framework to identify critical components using mutant based dynamic impact analysis for Software under Test (SUT). Mutants are automatically generated by injecting faults in the components using Offutt mutation operators and they are utilised to identify their impact level over other components of the system. The generated mutants and original program are executed using the suite of test cases, based on the conclusion of both the results, the mutation score is assessed and furthermore it is utilised as the test case adequacy criterion to recognize the impact level of it over the other components of a system. The outcome of this innovative approach is a testing tool entitled as JImpact Analyzer that automates the entire task and has generates miscellaneous graphs for visualization purpose.





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