International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics


Evolution of software has lead to the fast growth of technology whose impact can be witnessed in all the domains of scientific and engineering applications. Hence engineering high quality software is one of the core challenges of all IT industries. The software models which are being used for the development of the software products may lead to inconsistencies. Nevertheless, theexistence of several methodologies during the development process in order to overcome inconsistencies operates at static mode leading towards expensive nature of rework on those inconsistencies. Therefore, this paper presents a dynamic model which resolves the aforementioned issue by capturing inconsistencies dynamically in an automated mode using Dynamic automated inconsistency detection (DAID) model. The implementation results of DAID capture the design inconsistencies dynamically at the time of their injection points in lieu of inconsistency detection during validation testing. This approach of dynamic design inconsistency detection reduces cost, time and its associated overheads. Further implementation of DAID in an automated mode increases productivity, quality and sustainability in IT industries.





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