International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics


Integration is commonly used for summarizing information held in very large databases which are encountered in data warehousing, large scale transaction management, and statistical databases. Such applications often involve distributed databases that have developed independently and therefore may exhibit incompatibility, heterogeneity, and data inconsistency. We are here concerned with the integration that has heterogeneous classification schemes where local ontology’s, in the form of such classification schemes, may be mapped onto a common ontology. Existing transaction protocols typically rely on compensating transactions to handle exceptional conditions. In this paper, we develop an approach that can handle data inconsistencies and identify a number of issues with compensation-based transaction protocols and describe another transaction protocol that addresses those issues. Moreover, we define a set of properties, analogous to the ACID properties of traditional transactions that are more appropriate for business activities that span multiple enterprises. For this approach we use distributed transaction commit algorithm with EM algorithmic approach which is associated with Kullback-Leibler information divergence.





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