International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics


Software testing is a process where you have the stated requirements, pre-requisite software that is to be installed and the configuration of the machine that need to be done as per the test data for the test case and for a specific platform which when verified works perfectly. This paper describes about Manual test case process overview in the testing life cycle for a large software development project and how you track the effort for the same. A Tester need to know about the fundamentals of testing concepts. Documentation of the testing concepts and the process overview of the testing life cycle for a software product need to be done initially so that a new tester when recruited can understand the basic flow as to how it is carried out in real time in an organization practically. Initially a tester need to execute the manual test case for few platforms and some tougher manual test cases need to be learnt from the tester who is having some experience. The tougher manual test cases need to be identified initially from the experienced tester who will be giving a session for the execution of such test cases. So when the foundation for a new tester is powerful the plan assigned for the execution of test cases is met. The effort tracking for the testing can be captured for a tester and should be matched with planned effort for the execution of test cases. Measurement of the testing effort plays a very important role as to how comfortable a new tester is and further root cause analysis is done if required when the new tester does not meet the planned effort.





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