International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics

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Image Edge Detection


This paper presents a novel algorithm for the image edge detection using the fuzzy logic approach is proposed. Each different edge detection method has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example each method detects part of real edges and also some unreal edges. The contemporary Fuzzy logic, a key concept of artificial intelligence helps to implement the fuzzy relative pixel value algorithms and helps to find and highlight all the edges associated with an image by checking the relative pixel values and thus provides an algorithm to abridge the concepts of digital image processing and artificial intelligence. A set of fuzzy conditions for the comparison of pixel values with adjacent pixels to check the pixel magnitude gradient in the window. After the testing of fuzzy conditions the appropriate values are allocated to the pixels in the window under testing to provide an image highlighted with all the associated edges. The results of the proposed edge detection algorithm were compared with other techniques and it is found that the image obtained using the proposed approach is qualitatively the best.





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