International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics


New application layer DDoS attacks is a continuous critical threat to which network layer solutions is not applicable as attackers are indistinguishable based on packets or protocols. The increase in Internet-based transactions and communications offers new opportunities for hackers to disrupt business operations with DDoS attacks to prevent legitimate users from accessing services. In this paper, we propose Trust Management Helmet (TMH) as a partial solution to this problem, which is a lightweight mitigation mechanism that uses trust to differentiate legitimate users and attackers. Its key insight is that to protecting the connectivity of good users during application layer DDoS attacks, evaluation is based on their visiting history, and used to schedule the service to their requests. This paper introduces a license, for user identification (even beyond NATs) and storing the trust information at clients. The license is cryptographically secured against forgery or replay attacks. This mitigation mechanism and implement it as a Java package and use it for simulation. Through simulation, we show that TMH is effective in mitigating session flooding attack.





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