International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics


The Often Distribution of encrypted messages will depict the concentration of third parties. The attempts can be made to break and expose the actual messages by the hackers and cracker crackers. To conceal the subsistence of message steganography is introduced by hiding a secret message inside another credulous message. . Steganography along with cryptograph y is used and offers suitable amount of privacy and security over the communication cha channel. nnel. In this paper along with various existing text text-based steganography techniques, an overview of text steganography and a concise history of steganography can be presented. The problems present in the text steganography and issues with existing solution solutionss are highlighted. In information hiding, a novel approach is proposed by using inter-word word spacing and inter inter-paragraph paragraph spacing as a hybrid method. Based on the length of the secret message, the proposed method provides dynamic generated stego stego-text with six ix options of maximum capacity. The considerable drawbacks of every existing method and how our new approach might be recommended as a solution can be analyzed in this paper.





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