International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics


Single Electron Transistor is a hot cake in the present research area of VLSI design and Microelectronics technology. It operates through one-by-one tunnelling of electrons through the channel, utilizing the Coulomb blockade Phenomenon. Due to nanoscale feature size, ultralow power dissipation, and unique Coulomb blockade oscillation characteristics it may replace Field Effect Transistor FET). SET is very much advantageous than CMOS in few points. And in few points CMOS is advantageous than SET. So it has been seen that Combination of SET and CMOS is very much effective in the nanoscale, low power VLSI circuits. This paper has given a idea to make different sequential circuits using the Hybrid SET-CMOS. The MIB model for SET and BSIM4 model for CMOS are used. The operations of the proposed circuits are verified in Tanner environment. The performances of CMOS and Hybrid SET-CMOS based circuits are compared. The hybrid SET-CMOS circuit is found to consume lesser power than the CMOS based circuit. Further it is established that hybrid SET-CMOS based circuit is much faster compared to CMOS based circuit.





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