International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics


The objective of this paper is to visualize and analyze video.Videos are sequence of image frames. In this work, algorithm will be developed to analyze a frame and the same will be applied to all frames in a video. It is expected see unwanted objects in video frame, which can be removed by converting colour frames into a gray scale and implement thresh holding algorithm on an image. Threshold can be set depending on the object to be detected. Gray scale image will be converted to binary during thresh holding process. To reduce noise, to improve the robustness of the system, and to reduce the error rate in detection and tracking process, morphological image processing method for binary images is used. Morphological processing will be applied on binary image to remove small unwanted objects that are presented in a frame. A developed blob analysis technique for extracted binary image facilitates pedestrian and car detection. Processing blob’s information of relative size and location leads to distinguishing between pedestrian and car. The threshold, morphological and blobs process is applied to all frames in a video and finally original video with tagged cars will be displayed.





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