International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics


“Education is an important indicator of social development”. Technological change permits new activities and makes new activities superior in many important ways over the previous method of operation and creates long lasting innovations in society. Web-based teaching and learning is rapidly emerging as a predominant paradigm in the delivery of education in society. Internet is the ocean of knowledge. This ocean can be made available to all students as early as possible in their life. So Information Technology & related tools can be introduced in school education by using World Wide Web as education delivery medium. The WWW is used to provide information with great prospect and extend learning outside space and time boundaries. The remarkable developments in IT and networking have opened the doors of education. In the era of IT e-learning can be efficiently used for different types of education. Most of the population of India is in the rural areas where literacy rate is poor due to the lack of educational facilities. This paper discusses the present scenario of education in India, the key related to Web based education / learning has potential to meet the perceived need for flexible pace, place & face.





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