International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics


Due to the large amount of information produced, accumulated, and distributed via electronic means, it is necessary for forensic experts during crime investigation to increase their abilities to search for important evidence in a timely manner because this is essential to the success of digital forensic examinations. The inadequacy of resources both in tools and human and also limitation in time have a negative impact in result obtained during digital forensic investigation. Previous researchers state that the chances of success in criminal prosecution by law enforcement agencies depend heavily on the availability of strong evidence. The coming out of intelligent software agents that function autonomously with little or no human intervention during crime investigation is significant to the success of digital forensic investigation. Better use of tools is necessary, beyond the capabilities of the currently used forensic tools. In this paper, we discuss the usefulness of intelligent software agent in digital forensic. The goal of the paper is to provide a better knowledge and understand the concepts of intelligent software agent in digital forensic. The findings presents in this paper came from thoroughly review of previous digital forensic literature.





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