International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics


An electronic tender system (e-tender) streamlines the tender process and thereby saves time and cost. Security requirements for e-tendering systems have not been closely scrutinized in the literature. In addition to the security concerns of conventional e-tender systems—authentication, integrity, privacy, and non-repudiation are provided. This paper identifies key issues to be addressed in the design of secure e-tendering systems. Key issues are the privacy protection and verifiability. A new e-tendering architecture, based on Identity Based Encryption from bilinear pairings is proposed which may be suitable for secure large scale operations. A Encryption is a scheme that provides private and authenticated delivery of message between tenderer and tenderee. This is done in a more efficient manner than a straight forward composition of an encryption followed by signature scheme. An Identity based Cryptosystem is one in which the public key may be as String (E-mail Address, PAN No., etc). We propose Identity based encryption for secure e-tendering system that satisfies all the requirements an ideal atomic system requires. The elegant design makes it efficient both in computation and in communication. Secure e-Tendering System is carrying out of the tendering process using electronic means, such as the internet and specialist e-tendering software applications with a secured scheme.





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