International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics


Multiplexing in socket programming is the capability of handling input and output from different I/O channels. we can multiplex UDP and TCP sockets to build multiplexed chat application UDP is a connectionless transport layer protocol. Since TCP doesn't provide the feature of Multicasting UDP is a widely used protocol to implement it. UDP's stateless nature is useful for servers that answer small queries for large number of clients. Socket network programming is one of the most popular technologies used to build a chat application and establishing network communication between systems. Socket programming helps to implement the bottom level of network communication, using Application Programming Interface (API). In this paper we propose a method to make a chat room using socket based on User Datagram Protocol (UDP) which enables the feature of acknowledgments after every message sent and poll system call[1]. It is equivalent to a dedicated chat server having a Server and n number of Clients. After client and server set up to connect, you can achieve many machines to communicate through peer to peer communication, multicasting and File sending. During communication taking place there might be different system and network failures occurring, which we have discussed and proposed a convenient solution for that.





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