International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics


Nowadays, There are various technology used in day-to-day life; such as Human Computer Interaction, Communication Engineering, various types of architectures of computer system for easy convenience of living life style of human being .However, there are various network utilized for the transmission of signal containing various data like audio, video, data in text format etc.Network utilized for different Purposed based on its application. There are various Network are being utilized such as LAN(local area network),MAN(metro area network),WAN(wide area network),Backbone Network, Public Switch Telephone Network(PSTN), Integrated service Digital Network (ISDN),Broadband Integrated Service Digital Network(BISDN).Depending upon the bandwidth and usage of application by human being ,we are going to utilized this network technologies for transmission of signal to send message in various format. The Purpose of this various network is to use for transmission and receiving message. With the help of this network technology we are going to discuss technology like “Radio Frequency Identification” for tracking, detecting the objects and its working and application..





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