International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics


One way to secure identity over the Internet and other channels is to use digital signatures. Since this area is often used in contact with banks, we have during our work co-operated with Nordea IT. In order for customers to use a digital signature whenever they wish to, a way of making them mobile is required. In our thesis we give an overall understanding of digital signatures and how they can be used. Our main goal is trying to find out what technique customers want to use for carrying their digital signature and if information positively affects customers’ will to use the new service. We have found theories about the customers from literature, articles and Nordea IT. The most important theories state the importance of listening to customers and the importance of creating a trust between bank and customer. The main method used for the investigation is a questionnaire. This questionnaire is used to find out public opinions regarding the use of digital signatures. As seen from the result of our investigation most theories about the customers are confirmed. The answers from the questionnaire showed that it is important that the technique fulfils the customers’ desire. Every other person could consider using digital signatures, if the number of uncertain can be convinced. From those who are negative or uncertain, one fifth are affected by information from the bank. The importance of information about security and bank policies is thus also confirmed. Both the choices of technique and the information positively affects customers’ will to use digital signature. So we find through a study that how customer accepts such technological enhancement.





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