International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics

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The Symbian Robot


As mobile phone handsets attain increasing capabilities, there are many more opportunities for novel applications development. While it is important to respect these resource constraints, some of the unique features of mobile phones also want to highlight, such as high quality audio, constant connectivity and comfortable form factor for use as device to interact with the physical world. In this project, there is exploration of the opportunities available with the usage of Symbian OS coupled with Bluetooth technology in developing an environment for current mobile phones and demonstrate applications and simultaneously exploiting the unique features of these commercially available devices. Applications for mobile phones have been limited to standard telephony or messaging services, PDA activities (calendar and contact management) and games. In this paper, the goal is to demonstrate that viewing a handset as a generic computing platform with some unique capabilities opens up the possibility for a variety of interesting applications. The main aim of the paper is to design and develop a symbian OS coupled with Bluetooth technology based wireless remote control to control motions of robot in the real time applications with four degrees of freedom. In this paper, there is a development of program which uses the symbian OS, which reads the data from the MEMS sensor present in the cell phone. This data is then compared to the stored data and then the user will get to know the way the cell phone is being tilted, This data is sent to the robot using the blue tooth technology that is present in the cell phone. At the other end the Blue tooth in the robot will read the data and will send the data to the micro controller, which will then accordingly drive the robot in the direction as required by the user.





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