International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics


In WSN one of the issues is to route the data from the sensor nodes to sink node. The tree-based approach provides an efficient solution for establishing the path and in network aggregation. Tree is nonlinear structures, which have hierarchical levels in terms of parent-child combination. In this work the tree is constructed using the software agents. The proposed scheme uses multiagent system that comprises of both static and mobile agents. On every sensor node of WSN agent platform is running that coordinates the agent communication. Tree Construction Agent (TCA) is mobile agent that is generated at the sink node. TCA uses the angle of constraint for the construction of the tree. In the proposed work along the tree in network aggregation is done that saves the energy and reduces the delay. Aggregation Agent (AA) gets the routing information and visits the nodes along the path (tree) for data aggregation based the correlation of the sensor node data. Finally the aggregation agent routes the aggregated data to the sink node.





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