International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics


This paper presents a new approach of edge preserving and edge based segmentation for compression of images using Modified Fast Haar wavelet transform (MFHW) and Bit Plane Encoder to elevate the compression ratio with high picture quality. The edges of an image are preserved to increase the PSNR, and then the detected edges are used to segment the foreground and background images. The Foreground of the image is given more importance than the background images. A wavelet transform is used to extract the redundant information at low frequency and a matching Bit Plane encoder is used to code the segments of the image at different quality levels. The Proposed method highly preserves quality of the foreground image. Normal compression algorithms will not preserve the high frequency details such as edges, corners etc., in this method edges are preserved and used for segmenting the layers of the original image. The two level Fast haar Wavelet transform is used to decompose the image at different frequency levels, which has high multi-resolution characteristics. The proposed method increases both the compression ratio and PSNR.





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