International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics


Software systems is evolve continuously during development and maintenance. After software is modified regression testing is applied to software to ensure that It behaves intended and modifications not negatively impacts its original functionality .It is time consuming to rerun test suite T of program Pi on modified program Pi+1.So there are many regression testing techniques are there for doing regression testing. These are based on coverage data. So computing coverage data for Pi+1 without rerunning all test cases is the problem for doing regression testing of program Pi+1.This paper proposed a new approach that computes coverage data with selecting test cases T’ for the subsequent versions of the software .By computing coverage data for subsequent version of software on without rerunning entire test suit T we can improve overall time taken to retest the evolving software using Regression testing. This paper focus on improving the performance of regression testing for software evolve continuously during maintenance, by implementing a new approach for regression testing by computing coverage data for evolving software using dataflow analysis and execution tracing .





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