International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics


This Automatic age dependent face recognition system is developed. This approach is based on the Principle Component Analysis (PCA). Eigen face approach is used for both age prediction and face recognition. Face database is created by aging groups individually. The age prediction is carried out by projecting a new face image into this face space and then comparing its position in the face space with those of known faces. After that we find the best match in the related face database, the Eigen face representation of an input image is first obtained. Then it is compared with the Eigen face representation of face in the database. The closest one is the match. It will be reduced the time complexity using this approach. The proposed method preserves the identity of the subject while enforcing a realistic recognition effects on adult facial images between 15 to 70 years old. The accuracy of the system is analyzed by the variation on the range of the age groups. The efficiency of the system can be confirmed through the experimental results.





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