International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics


In real life clustering of high dimensional data is a big problem. To find out the dense regions from increasing dimensions is one of them. We have already studied the clustering techniques of low dimensional data sets like k-means, k-mediod, BIRCH, CLARANS, CURE, DBScan, PAM etc. If a region is dense then it consists with number of data points with a minimum support of input parameter ø other wise it cannot take into clustering. So in this approach we have implemented CLIQUE to find out the clusters from multidimensional data sets. In dimension growth subspace clustering the clustering process start at single dimensional subspaces and grows upward to higher dimensional ones. It is a partition method where each dimension divided like a grid structure. The grid is a cell where the data points are present. We check the dense units from the structure by applying different algorithms. Finally the clusters are formed from the high dimensional data sets.





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