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Working of SOA with BPM


Business processes which are the set of logical tasks related to fulfil some greater purpose. These tasks must be performed in sequence according to the business rules. SOA reuses services to automate a business process using a standard interface and message structure. BPM, based on workflow technology, enterprise application integration and XML technologies, manages the enterprise from the perspective of business processes. In software development there is a gap between the implementers andthe users/customers in their understanding of the system. SOA is the driver for minimizing the gap between business analysis and IT development. The idea of Business Processes based on web services stem from the thought that a Business Process can be composed from one or more web services. Service orchestration should be flexible and adaptable to meet changing Business Process requirements. Separating the business process logic from the service components promotes flexibility. Choreography languages are WS-CDL, Let’s Dance, and BPEL4Chor.The purpose of using several choreographies simultaneously is to establish a cross-enterprise organized way of collaborating with services.





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