International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics


The Service Level Agreements (SLA) are e- Contracts that need to be established among business partners and monitored to ensure that web services comply with the agreed Quality of Service values. Establishment of SLA among the component services of a composite service and the users becomes important. The establishment is time consuming when done manually because it involves negotiation of parameters to be agreed by the participants. Hence an algorithm is proposed for automated negotiation and a framework for automated contract establishment is designed and implemented. For web services to be successful, privacy must be protected. Today, privacy has become more important concern for both users and web service provider. More people will use web services if they feel all the information released are secure enough. Privacy can often be guaranteed through security measures. To enable privacy protection for Web services, customers are allowed to specify their preferences about the disclosure of their information. In this paper its demonstrated with a suitable e-Business application of Purchase and Registration of Vehicles along with the privacy is ensured during composition of the individual web services for the customer's details.





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