International Journal of Communication Networks and Security


Nowadays SCADA systems are used for Home automation, Greenhouse automation, E-agriculture etc. Basically these SCADA applications include Level Monitoring, Light & Climate Control, Security & Surveillance, control and manage spatially separated utility sites and Control of Shutters & Doors and so on. With the arrival of new hardware and software technologies here a system is proposed which can perform the similar SCADA applications at lower cost and lower maintenances. This paper proposes a viable solution for SCADA like applications which include Water level monitoring, Oil level monitoring & Displacement control by using a microcontroller board and .NET interfacing. This system can not only perform these industrial applications but also proposes fine web based solution to access all these acquired data and equipments. Here a remote based application is used which will allow the user to access the data/equipments in industries via internet, it also overcome the problem of weak encryption used by the SCADA. In future this system using .NET platform may replace these SCADA solutions.





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