International Journal of Communication Networks and Security


Mobile Multi patient monitoring device has become increasingly important in Hospital wards to record real-time data during normal activity for better treatment. However, the current quality and reliability have not been satisfactory due to the size, weight, distance of coverage and also high power consumption. This paper provides a solution for enhancing the reliability, flexibility by improving the performance and power management of the real-time multi-patient monitoring system (MPMS). In the current proposed system the patient health is continuously monitored by the MPMS and the acquired data is transmitted to a centralized ARM server using Wireless Sensor Networks. A ZigBee node is connected to every patient monitor system which will send the patient's vital information .Upon system boot up, the mobile patient monitor system will continuously monitor the patients vital parameters like Heart Beat, body temperature etc and will periodically send those parameters to a centralized server using ZigBee node configured as co-coordinator. If a particular patient’s health parameter falls below the threshold value, a buzzer alert is triggered by the ARM server. Along with a buzzer an automated SMS is posted to the pre-configured Doctors mobile number using a standard GSM module interfaced to the ARM server. The Doctor is continuously connected to the ARM server using GSM Module and he/she can get a record of a particular patient’s information by just posting a SMS message to the centralized ARM server. This will reduce treatment time, cost and power consumption to a greater extent. At the same time, the efficiency of examining ward will be improved by making the system more real-time and robust.





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