International Journal of Communication Networks and Security


Using thresholding method to segment an image, a fixed threshold is not suitable if the background is rough Here, we propose a new adaptive thresholding method using level set theory. The method requires only one parameter to be selected and the adaptive threshold surface can be found automatically from the original image. An adaptive thresholding scheme using adaptive tracking and morphological filtering. The Improved Kernel fuzzy c-means (IKFCM) was used to generate an initial contour curve which overcomes leaking at the boundary during the curve propagation. IKFCM algorithm computes the fuzzy membership values for each pixel. On the basis of IKFCM the edge indicator function was redefined. Using the edge indicator function of a image was performed to extract the boundaries of objects on the basis of the presegmentation. Therefore, the proposed method is computationally efficient. Our method is good for detecting large and small images concurrently. It is also efficient to denoise and enhance the responses of images with low local contrast can be detected. The efficiency and accuracy of the algorithm is demonstrated by the experiments on the images. The above process of segmentation showed a considerable improvement in the evolution of the level set function.





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