International Journal of Communication Networks and Security


For The World-Wide Web has become the most important information source for most of us. As different websites often provide conflicting information there is no guarantee for the correctness of the data. Among multiple conflict results, can we automatically identify which one is likely the true fact?, In this paper our experiments show that Fact finder, a supporter for user to resolve the problem, successfully finds true facts among conflicting information, and identifies Trust worthy websites better than the popular search engines. In our paper we give ratings based on two things- popularity or the hits & number of occurrences of same data. As we can’t give preference only to popularity, we have considered another rating i.e. about number of occurrences of same data in several other websites, which are less popular. This paper helps user to get resolved by conflicting facts from multiple websites on two basis. Further by considering few more relations we can develop a search engine that truly helps the user to resolve the Veracity problem.





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