International Journal of Communication Networks and Security


Blockages in sewage pipelines are difficult to be cleaned or extracted. In order to manage sewer blockage proactively sewer managers needs to be able to identify the location of blockages precisely. As of now, only humans do this sully job of cleaning the sewages. Many human right organizations have been advocating to stop this inhuman activity. Even the highest court in the land has admonished the government to stop forth with this job of cleaning. Respective government’s corporation is adapting cleaning machines to suck the clogs and sewage water from respective blockage points. As an alternative solution, using modern technology, we present our paper on how an acoustic based sensor could be used to detect the blockages automatically as well as transmitting this information using the wireless sensor network to the centrally monitored server system. This will help in taking immediate action of removing the clogs instantly. This will not only save cost but also enable instant solution.



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