International Journal of Communication Networks and Security


This system provides low power consuming and low cost wireless sensor network. This system provides a real time temperature and humidity. It also gives proportional control action. This system consists of TI’s MSP430 microcontroller which consumes ultra low power and improves the overall system performance. The Sensorion’s SHT 11 sensor is used to measure temperature and humidity. Sensor SHT 11 consumes low power and gives the fully calibrated digital output. Zigbee technology is used for wireless communication. Zigbee is low power consuming transceiver module. It operates within the ISM 2.4 GHz frequency band. AT and API command modes configure module parameters. RF data rate is 250 kbps. To achieve the proportional control triac and MOC 3022 are used. The star network topology is implemented. The temperature of earth goes on increasing due to global warming, deforestation, pollution, etc. Due to this the temperature of atmosphere also increases which is harmful and dangerous for many systems. This system provides precise control of temperature and humidity in Green House, Art Galleries and Industries.





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