International Journal of Communication Networks and Security


This paper presents the design of an active inductor based wideband LNA using current reuse topology,which is designed and simulated in 0.18um CMOS technology. The low noise amplifier is considered to be the key block in an RF receiver. It plays a critical role in determining the noise figure of a receiver. The main function of an LNA is to provide sufficient gain to reduce the noise of subsequent stages while adding as little noise as possible. To achieve a good impedance matching over a desire bandwidth (0.05GHz to1.5GHz) active inductor is implemented based on gyrator structure and its noise is improved by employing a feed-forward path (FFP). The simulations show a maximum power gain of 17.32dB, minimum noise figure (NF) of 0.87dB with a 3db bandwidth of 1.0GHz over 0.05-1.5 GHz range. The total power consumption is 6.38mW with 1.8V power supply.





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